Full Service Sweepers

What we do

We’re fully committed to being the best in our industry. We offer services in the following areas.

Commercial Sweeping

  • Industrial and construction site cleanup
  • Road work, rotomilling cleanup, chipseal, Keeping lanes clear of desbris
  • New Construction tailored to developers, homebuilders, gardening contractors, land scapers and concrete     contractors.

Water Truck Services

We have water trucks available to control massive amounts of dust, from cunstruction zones to quarries, rinse away debris, or provide water to new residential areas.

Residential Sweeping

We offer many years of experience in residential street sweeping. We’ll do city and county roads as well as private communities.


Pot Holing

Our Non-destructive pot holing techniques uses pressurized water to all you access to underground utilities.

Safe Dig

Hydro excavation.  What is hydro excavation? It’s the non-destructive safe practice of removing soil by means of the simultanious use of pressurized water, shot from a nozzle to break up soil surrounding underground utilities.  The industrial vacuum then conveys the soil into a debris tank onboard the hydrovac truck.

We have a number of trucks ready to take on your job

Reach out to us about your project. Having been in business for 15  years we know what you’ll need to complete the job.

Our Latest Work

A few shots of us on the job.

About Us

Our large fleet of vacuum and mechanical sweepers are maintained on a daily basis by our in-house, certified mechanics.

Even though we are one of the largest sweeping companies in Utah, we still have old fashioned work ethic, and get the job done right.

We are the preferred Sweeping service providers in Utah because We get the job done right the first time and every time.






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